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Just Super on his song "Someday"

New release as of 2022

We love to discover new music and are so happy we stumbled across this gem. We asked Just Super a few short questions about his song "Someday". Here's what he had to say about it..

What inspired this song?

"Someday is an admission of my fluctuating inability to maintain happiness. I feel like my mental health is very cyclical; plateauing contentment →slow decline into a sneaky depression→ignoring low point→hopelessness→acknowledging depression→implementing self care tools→elation with progress—plateauing contentment…It’s the “ignoring low point” that always makes me laugh a little, because dammit, this is the crux of the cycle. Someday addresses how comfortable I feel in the low points of my life and probably why “implementing self care” takes me so long to get to, I tend to feel at home in my transitory misery. Growing up, like most people my age (especially the east coast seemingly) my parents didn’t have the mental health knowledge or vernacular that we’re so lucky to have now so for a long time my existence was oscillating between ignoring depression and hopelessness. Because of my time spent in that place there’s familiarity, there’s a coziness to the enveloping gloom, so much so that the world beyond it seems foreign and uninhabitable. Somedays I think I may be my best self when I’m at my worst, somedays I try to conceptualize a song I wrote so that others may relate to it."..

What do you hope the listener takes away from the song?

"I hope the listener can feel the ups and downs of this single and hopefully relate to it's sentiment in some way. Everyone interprets music in their own way, the only thing that I can hope for a listener is that they feel something, hate or love, just something."..

What can we expect next from you?

"You can expect a few more singles and then my full length debut record "Not Much, But All I Think About"."

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