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Supa on their song "SPACE" featuring j dreaming and Adam Fiser

New release as of 2022

We love to discover new music and are so happy we stumbled across this gem. We asked Supa a few short questions about their song "SPACE". Here's what they had to say about it..

What inspired this song?

"a great question. In July, I had just come out of 3-4 month intentional single period where I was dating myself and figuring out how to be content on my own. So, when Adam sent me the beat pack with this beat…previous relationships were the only thing on my mind. This song came from that reminiscence."..

What do you hope the listener takes away from the song?

"⁃ 1. Choose God, the hole in your heart can only be filled by God not another person

⁃ 2. Value your singleness.

⁃ 3. Be introspective. Relationships can hurt you, but they can also show you the areas you need to grow in."..

What can we expect next from you?

"From the collective - supa - we will be dropping new singles featuring a wide range of artists this year and next year, so keep up with @supamedia on ig for updates. J dreaming, the main vocalist on this song, has an acoustic version of his song “Grace” dropping on Dec 2nd. The record is a part of a project dropping early 2023 so make sure to follow @jdream.1n on instagram to follow the journey.."

It's always dope to support artist that rock. Follow them on social medias below:


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