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Meet Christmy Edward

Christmy breaks down his artistry and what's next to come..

We love to discover new christian creatives and are so happy we had a chance to interview this artist. We asked Christmy a few short questions about his artistry and what to expect next. Here's what he had to say..

Every artist has a unique story. Can you tell us a little about yours?

"My Name is Christmy Edward and i'm a first generation born in the U.S. raised by Haitian immigrants in Southern parts of Connecticut. Growing up I didn't have it easy, My Mom is a schizophrenic and with my Dad working insane hours, the house wasn't stable and that forced me to have a short Childhood and Become an Adult sooner than most. Having 3 younger sisters pushed me to Lead by example and Grow To Become Wiser than most Adults. God has blessed with the Gift of being a Creative and I tend to become the best me I can Be by Walking in my purpose as a Kingdom Chosen Creative. I'm a College Student Majoring in Graphic Design, I recently just turned 21 & I can gratefully say that am Legit Artist/Designer who has been blessed to have my art displayed on 3 billboards, I have also been blessed to be able to create a Design for Gabriella Wilson, known professionally as H.E.R. who is R&B singer, songwriter, musician, and 5x Grammy Award Winner. Everything I Do, All Glory Goes Back To GOD. Just a Young Man Answering The Call and That what makes me Chosen among the few that don't answer the call."..

Art by Christmy Edward. Follow him on Instagram for more photo's and content!

Please tell us about your art. What do you do / make / create? How? Why? What’s the message or inspiration, what do you hope people take away from it? What should we know about your artwork?

"I am a Creative, Artist, Designer I am a Firm Believer in Jesus Christ. I make/create Paintings, Art Designs, Album Covers, Graphic Design Flyers/Posters, Logo designs for Websites, Clothing Brands, Businesses, Non profits, etc... Soon Will be able to offer my services to making Websites (UI/UX Designs)."..

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?

"You can check out and access my work through these Instagram pages: My Main Page Where I Post My Real Authentic Self: @Christmyischosen, My Graphic Designs Work: @ChosencreativeGfx, My Creative Art/Timelapse Pieces: @Artisticmindofchris. Stay tuned for my website with dope clothing brand and offering way more services for businesses, Music Artists, Non profits, Influencers, Creatives etc... coming soon!"..

Art by Christmy Edward. Follow him on Instagram for more photo's and content!

How do you define success and what quality or characteristics do you feel are essential to a successful artist/brand?

"What is Success? I'll answer in a form of a question "What is your definition of success to you?" because Success is defined on what you considered is success in your eyes but Success to me is Generational Financial Freedom, Peace, True Fulfillment, Family, Free from people, Generational Curses/Bad Habits Restored into Generational Blessings/good habits and Being Able to Solve the Equation On what you were designed to do from the very beginning of being created."

Tell us a little about your faith journey and how you came to give your life to Jesus?

"What lead me to my faith journey and how I came to give my life to Jesus, I was kid who grew up being in church but along growing up to adulthood I realized I go to church but don't really have a relationship with him so it lead to becoming a start passionate seeker for who he is and it was like life automatically started giving me awareness to what I was blind to seeing before. This started when I learn that you have to sacrifice something you love that is consuming your time and energy to gain great reward or blessing and for me that was gaming. I was addicted to NBA 2k and i realized i was playing 2K with people who didn't even have 2K in their bank account, this lead me to not even touch a controller up to this current day for 3+ years, I was a kid confused and just God baptized 2018 but the Spring 2020 in one of those weeks I was literally a week away from being shipped out for the Marine Corps but don't get me wrong The military is great but I was someone running away from my problems in a unhealthy way but God spoke to me in that moment through a Well respect Marine Sargent response that said "Usually that hardest decision to make is the decision you should take" at that moment The Spirit spoke to me and i gained revelation that the Marines was the easy route out of life and Life that I don't know what it will produce and was A lot Harder, I had to choose and take a leap of faith and I realized Life that is hard and full of mystery is more Fulfilling and the direction I should head towards when it comes to purpose, This lead me to having my Art displayed on my first billboard and finding a Major I was passionate about. To this current day without being able to find a physical church Home in since 2019-2020 I haven't been to church in 3+ years. I realized that church is not a place its inside of all of us, (Don't get me wrong its important to find a Community where you feel God presence/Spirit within the GPS given to you) but in those 3+ years from taking that leap of faith was one the most important decision of my life I gained the most amazing relationship with GOD and it has change my life for the better and will continue to forever. I truly thank God now and for whats coming in advance."..

Art by Christmy Edward. Follow him on Instagram for more photo's and content!

What's your favorite opportunity/project you've been apart of?

"My favorite opportunity/project i've been apart of is being blessed to be able to create a Design for Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, known professionally as H.E.R. who is R&B singer, songwriter, musician, and 5x Grammy Award Winner reminding her with the message saying "Having Everything Revealed is Amazing But What GOD has planned for Gabriella Is Even Greater" what makes this my favorite is that I know and Felt Called to do. We must realize that all celebrities, influencers, Actors, The rich, Wealthy highly respected individuals are human beings too! just like us! and remember OUTSIDE of The Title that culture may glorify is a purpose made for just for you as a person first before the title."..

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

"The Best piece of Advice I ever been given is that when it comes to purpose. We go through temporary purposes that lead to our main purpose. Every time your answering God's calling on your life you gain a puzzle piece to your life frame. When answering the calls it can vary to Learning How To Be A Leader in one season or answering the call and Learn How To Speak To People or even Learning To Lover Others. At some point when you answer the calls on your life you can connect the all the puzzle pieces and look at the puzzle from a bird eye view and GAIN FULFILLMENT IN KNOWING what Your main purpose is and what you were designed to do from the very beginning when GOD created you."..

What differentiates you from other creatives/brands?

"What will differentiates me and my brand from other creatives/brand is the diversity of being able to offer more services that are now becoming more of a necessity with some of the things I offer, This is a Generation of people knowing their worth more which lead to the rise of more creatives."..

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