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Army of God Attire (Clothing Brand)

Christian Clothing Brand out of San Francisco, CA

We love to discover new kingdom creatives and are so happy we had a chance to interview this brand. We asked Owner-Nicholas a few short questions about Army of God Attire and what to expect next. Here's what he had to say..

Every brand has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?

"Growing up in the inner city of San Francisco I grew up fast and was exposed to many things in my youth where today I'm so grateful for the Lord to cover me with protection all of those years. Always having a passion to give back to youth and accepting the calling that was poured onto me thru ministry is when God gave me the vision for Army of God Attire back in November 2021. I knew that I didn't want to just start another Christian Clothing brand but create a movement to advance the Kingdom & lead others to the Lord.."..

Please tell us about your art. What do you do / make / create? How? Why? What’s the message or inspiration, what do you hope people take away from it? What should we know about your artwork/modeling?

"As a Kingdom Based Premier Christian Clothing Brand we utilize fashion as an avenue to preach the gospel & lead others to Jesus Christ. Each collection is mission-minded as the bible says we are to be lights of the world & to help set the captives free. For example, a few of our top collections are Anointed, Fearless Faith, Paid in Full, God's Plan, She is Worthy & God's Girl. Every collection is thought out with a message behind it that is all scripture based. I feel we are seeing the biggest move of God in the young generation than ever before. So many are giving their lives to Jesus Christ & express their faith to others. With that being said every design that we come out with is crafted to spark a conversation with others & molded for style for everyone.."..

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?

" & follow us on IG @aogattire"..

New Apparel by Army of God Attire FOLLOW them on Instagram to keep up with new releases!

How do you define success and what quality or characteristics do you feel are essential to a successful brand?

"Honestly, for myself I always ask myself the question, "What would Jesus do?" That being said I feel as a faith based business it's important to showcase the characteristics of Jesus Christ by the fruits of the Spirit. “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self control…” – Galatians 5:22-23 So everything I do when it comes to success & characteristics that I want to express to others are these 9 words described in this scripture. We are all chosen to be examples of the Lords love not for our benefit but for his. For the sake of this interview I can't breakdown each one but I will break down at least one of them. Patience: your success is not going to come over night. We live in a world where many have to see it to believe it. But when it comes to putting your faith into your brand, you have to believe it before you can see it. Our faith will stretch us to places that our eyes can never see. So just have patience & stay persistent in everything you do. Everyday take 1 inch forward."..

What's your favorite opportunity/project you've been apart of?

"By far my favorite project I worked on was our launch. Right before I launched AOG Attire I kept wondering where was I going to find models to help me take some pictures when I heard the Lord tell me, "You have everything you need in front of you." That's when I realized everything I needed was directly in front of me at my church "Start Where You Are Ministries" which consists of mostly youth. All the youth were excited when I asked & all they wanted to do was support me, so I hooked them up with free merch, rented a studio & we let God control the environment. Even my photographer is from our ministry. It was super fun as it was all of our first time doing a project like this. Completely epic & grateful for God to provide everything needed to launch successfully."..

What jobs have you done other than owning your brand?

"I've always been an entrepreneur since I was 14 years old... lol. Everything has led up to a successful Real Estate business & Marketing background of which God has blessed. Now I see those seeds that were planted were all setup for Army of God Attire in order to glorify the Kingdom."..

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

"How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Often times we focus on the big picture & worry about all the things that need to take place to get there. Nothing wrong with planning with the end in mind, but don't let it consume you. Take one bite at a time & you will eventually get there."..

Tell us a little about your faith journey and how you came to give your life to Jesus?

"Everything for my walk started with a dream a few years ago before ever owning a Bible or ever knowing anything about Jesus. Many things in my dream were scripture based & I was blown away wondering how can I dream something I've never read? Even though the Lord caught my attention I still was in the world & had to have my pride broken. So in 2017 I had hit rock bottom in all areas of my life with nothing to turn to but a man named Jesus. For the first time in my life I finally understood what the word "SURRENDER" actually means. Even though it felt like the entire world was collapsing all around me, little did I know God was working behind the scenes molding me into his "Perfect Plan" over my life. My go to scripture at this time I had written on my white board for months that kept my heart focused on him: Proverbs 3:5-7 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes fear the Lord, and turn away from evil." Since my surrender God restored every area of my life and blessed me with more than I can grasp. His gift of the Holy Spirit is very real & let him lead the way now in all that I do."..

What differentiates you and your brand from other creatives/brands?

"Truthfully there aren't to many faith based brands that focus on ministry outside of selling clothing. My main thing was never to start AOG Attire as a way just to make a profit. So I've taken the time to create a community on my Instagram to provide resources for new believers & guiding others into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Many communicate with me thru my DM's & ask questions, want prayer & in some cases deliverance. To me that's priceless and God gets all the glory."..

How did you come up with the name of your brand?

"This was a fun one that came thru a lot of prayer & fasting. I remember when the Lord gave me a vision of starting a faith-based clothing line back in November of 2021 & all I could think of is, "What do we call it?". I feel once I asked that question & went thru the process of letting the Lord lead, the first thing I did was fast. Thru that process, I wrote down nearly 50 different names. It wasn't towards the end of that when all of a sudden Army of God Attire hit me. The first thing I did was give thanks to God & got the logo designed. Once I received the logo, it was a done deal, I knew this was it.."..

What advice would you give a brand new believer who just gave their life over to Jesus Christ?

"Well, the first thing I would say is HALLELUYAH PRAISE GOD! It's the best feeling seeing someone brand new give their lives for the first time & make Jesus Christ Lord & Savior over their lives. As far as advice goes I would say take it a day at a time & this is just the beginning as now the Lord will begin to give birth for something new thru them. I would tell them this is the time to spend time in the word & allow the Holy Spirit to guide & teach them. Outside of that make sure you stay plugged into a strong body of Christ. There is no way you'll be able to walk this journey on your own, the bible says, "Iron Sharpens Iron" so it's crucial for all of us to stay connected to strong brothers & sisters who we can lean on, who can pour into us & who can stand in the gap with us. Lastly, never stop giving praise to the almighty. Regardless if you are going thru trials or even if everything is good. Always, always, always give praise & thanks to the Lord. He's chosen you for greatness & has called you out of the darkness into his marvelous light for a reason. Just trust the process & you will be all good!"

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