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Natalie Clark on her song "MIRACLE"

New release as of 2023

We love to discover new music and are so happy we stumbled across this gem. We asked Natalie Clark a few short questions about her song "MIRACLE" Here's what she had to say about it..

What inspired this song?

It was a chat with a friend who was working so hard at the time and felt like she just wasn’t getting anywhere. She was so fed up with her job and where she was at and couldn’t see a way out. It seemed like it was going to take a miracle for things to change!"..

What do you hope the listener takes away from the song?

"I hope it’s a reminder to people that things can change for the better in a second! Just when you feel there’s no way out, a miracle can appear!"..

What can we expect next from you?

"I’m hoping to release my debut album in 2024 and then go on tour!!!"

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