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Christ-Like Collection (Clothing Brand)

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Christian Clothing Brand out of Los Angeles, CA

We love to discover new kingdom creatives and are so happy we had a chance to interview this brand. We asked Owner-Jorge a few short questions about Christ-Like Collection and what to expect next. Here's what he had to say..

Every brand has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?

"I use to have a clothing brand that represented manifestation and celebrated Egyptian gods. When I got saved, I became convicted. God asked me to stop all production and put that dream down. About a year and a half later, I started traveling the world managing a Christian artist. On one of the flights back home, God gave me dozens of ideas. And one of them was my infamous “pure thoughts” design. God gave me the green light to start producing and it took off from there."..

Please tell us about your art. What do you do / make / create? How? Why? What’s the message or inspiration, what do you hope people take away from it? What should we know about your art/brand?

"We focus strictly on hats. (Baseball caps) We are a faith based Christian brand. All of our designs are inspired by the Gospel and Jesus Christ. Our intention is that our collections spark conversations regarding the Word of God. We stand for purity, positivity, and purpose."..

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?

"Instagram and our website are the two best ways people can view and support."..

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How do you define success and what quality or characteristics do you feel are essential to a successful brand?

"I define success as having a strong relationship with God, my wife and family. As well as being healthy, wealthy, and having complete freedom of my time. The characteristics I believe essential for a successful brand are clean designs, strong social media presence, a good message, and a niche market."..

What's your favorite opportunity/project you've been apart of?

"My favorite opportunity so far has been sponsoring the “Reel Big Challenge” with Miles Minnick featuring Lecrae."..

What jobs have you done other than owning your brand?

"Every job you can think of! I delivered pizzas, scrubbed dishes, sold balloons to cars. There wasn’t something I haven’t tried, but my heart was always being pulled to clothing."..

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

"You are a product of your environment."..

Tell us a little about your faith journey and how you came to give your life to Jesus?

"I was a slave to chasing money and prioritizing it before anything and anyone else. God sent amazing friends that began to encourage me and properly correct me to help change my life. I learned that with Jesus Christ, I could become new and pure again. I decided to serve and give my life to Him, because no matter how much money I gained, I was always left empty. Jesus filled my cup."..

What differentiates you and your brand from other creatives/brands?

"We prioritize our focus on hats. Our designs are a perfect bridge between the world and the church."..

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